Colourful Summer

White Label Spring / Summer 2017

Colourful Summer Indoor

The new indoor collection „White Label“ spring/summer 2017 shows expressive colourness .

From intense colours to candy colours  ; indigo and ceramic blue shades, vivid beige and bamboo shades as wells as creme, off-white and radiant white are the calming contrast colours.

Selected , high-quality fabrics give a special feeling for the next summer;  stripes are the „Must-Haves“: either as vertical, horizontal, block or graduated stripes in intense colours;  as jerseys or in artisanal ethno-chanel-look; in irregular surfaces such as cotton jersey in bast and and ringlet look, woven linen-mixtures in attractive weaved patterns, soft piquée-jersey and feathery creased linen.  

Jacquards in floral designs in Camaieux colours or in minimal designs or striped in irregular surfaces are an integral part of the collection.

New and trendy : coated qualities such as faux suedes with jersey or faux suede coating and knitted linen with soft jersey coating.

Soft linen fabrics in plain , but also in a stiched floral design, a soft cotton-elasthane quality and linen/cotton herringbone create the perfect summer look .

Basic qualities, from smooth fabrics to crepe de chine and floral prints round off the collection.

The shapes vary from longer to short, tailor-made jackets to frocks and show our core competence, jackets in all facets; matching dresses are an optimal complement.

RoFa White Label Indoor really specialized in cardigans, jackets  and frocks in country house look; simple fits and clean silhouettes  are characteristic for cardigans and collarless frocks;

Basic styles such as quilted or light down jackets and coats are indispensable elements for  the  season start. 

Selected linings -striped, printed or Rhadame -, coloured or contrast trimmings and facings, raw-edge or fringed seams, hand-stitchings and many  precious details upgrade our new collection spring/summer 2017!

Light + soft Outdoor

Our spring/summer collection 2017 offers fashionable styles in fresh, intense colours and a big variety in shapes, silhouettes, materials and details .

Leight down styles in vivid pencil colours, especially in combination with the new „Scuba“ fabric,  set an example for  the new  sportivity and modernity. The alternative? The down jacket in a colourful 1970’s print!

The „Must have“ of the season:  Scuba fabric!  Feathery and soft with high wearing comfort ;  also in a two-in one coat or in material-mix.

It’s raining again…Sylt & Co.. – Ideal partner for windy, rainy days: semi-transparent or coated rainwear , plain and printed , are the new highlights.

Top sellers: doubleface-jackets in taft look - as trench or parka – in new intense colour combinations; or in faux suede either with jersey or faux suede facing.

Stripes, stripes, stripes …new eggshape silhouettes - in rough textured cotton, plain or striped - or summer tweeds are the new look!

Interesting textured fabrics such as rep or diagonal weaves, also washed, are  the new „handfeels“ ; soft flowing fabrics round off the collection