Fashion – a story with a lot of changes, new trends nearly every month…

ROFA stands for perfectly fitting blazers, sporty jackets and coats. Renowned chain stores and mail order companies, but in particular the trendy retailers are - nationally as internationally - among the faithful customers of ROFA Fashion Group. ROFA stands for the three different labels, which appeal to three different types of customers.

Three labels, each in its own way feminine, always of high quality, perfect fitting in all sizes - but still affordable.

White Label:
our main collection stands for simple elegance combined with casualness.

our young, fashionable label Change aims at the stylish, younger women: “Cool”, casual and sporty styles in trendy colour combinations and material mixes.

our premium and innovative label is specifically designed for the exclusive retail.

We are the best example that chic women's fashion is not only designed in Milan, Paris and New York. In our headquarters in Werbach our ambitious and highly-qualified staff ensures an efficient performance.

By the way, we are especially proud of our sewing department. A real rarity in these days since most manufacturers have also outsourced the production of the samples into cheaper foreign countries. However, for us a clear commitment to our location Werbach.