How it all began ...

Traditional craftsmanship, the passion for fashion and high level of expertise are the basis of ROFA FASHION GROUP's success- and that since 1957

In 1957 Rosi Faller founded Faller GmbH & Co in Werbach in the Main Tauber district, near Würzburg. At the beginning contemporary children's clothing is produced quickly followed by outerwear clothing, e.g. coats and jackets. Soon ROFA becomes a regular supplier of key accounts, buying groups, mail order companies and department stores.

In 1972 the younger brother Reinhold takes over the management . In the late 90’s, production is outsourced to highly qualified production mills  in Europe and Far East. However, the sewing department, sales management and administration remain at the headquarters in Werbach. And that is still the case today.

Appreciated by their customers, but relatively unknown to the public, RoFa is becoming a specialist in the private label sector.

Over the years ROFA has became a paragon for perfectly fitting blazers, jackets and coats at reasonable prices. In 2006 RoFa casts off anonymity and becomes a visual brand to the public.

"RoFa" turns into today's ROFA FASHION GROUP: the image of the company and the internal structure are fundamentally changed. In 2007 RoFa starts a cooperation with the premium label NVSCO. The RoFa collection is now named “White Label” and “Purple Label by NVSCO”.

Since 2013 – by launching the more casual label “Change” – RoFa has captured the younger customer. The success proves Reinhold Faller right and ROFA is becoming one of the most successful German producers of women's blazers and sporty jackets and coats. Today the company is cooperating with more than 3.000 national and international retailers through sales agencies.

And the success story goes on ...