sophisticated design

Change Autumn / Winter 2019/20

sophisticated design

The Change collection combines maximum comfort and sophisticated design

into a fashion that you like to wear and in which you like to show yourself. It is important, in uncertain times, to show courage for change.

Indulge yourself this winter in our natural fabrics and soft textured silhouettes.
Whether as lining or embroidery, wording is also written in capital letters in winter.
Noble ribbons and buttons create elegance in feminine looks.

“Color array”
Every trend color opens up a new world: from cool to cuddly,
from wanderlust to comfort.
Pumpkin, berry and teal are the absolute highlights,
but also well-known classics like camel, khaki and black
leave plenty of room for a special attitude towards life.
Checks in exciting color combinations enhance the overall statement of the collection.

The commercial silhouette remains narrow from top to bottom.
The more fashionable the patron is, all the more relaxed she looks on it.
The result is a casual silhouette, which looks slim due to soft falling materials.
There’s a jacket for everyone here, with or without a hood.

“The deliberate irregularity”
Jersey or wool blazer in "Garment dyed" give the collection a casual and unique look.
A fashionably printed herringbone in "Garment wash" with a wide range of accessories guarantee a pleasant wearing comfort.
The main thing is exciting and trendy.

Fashion meets the needs of time.
Casual clothing styles, various style elements and features are combined in new ways. This lets our customer feel free and confident.
The washed or dyed casual look, with sports luxe details and innovative material combinations, such as wool with knitted sleeves, creates a cool and feminine look.

Look forward to next winter!