Tradition and Modernity

White Label Autumn / Winter 2018/19

Tradition and Modernity

The new “White Label” indoor collection for Fall/Winter 18/19 plays with contrasts:

on the one hand, it combines a classically inspired, urban theme that looks young and casual, thanks to innovative materials and details, with an elegant country house theme that looks very modern thanks to its fresh colorfulness and skillful breaks. This collection impresses thanks to its expressive individual parts, whose durability meets the requirements of modern day-to-day life, coupled with statement pieces for that special look.

Even its color array surprises with contrasts – tranquility and turbulence:
Tranquil, soft winter pastel shades such as powdery rosé, cool ice blue, delicate, foggy gray and soft taupe give it that icy and porcelain-like look, exhibiting Nordic coolness.
Vibrant “fall-summery” colors such as wintery pink, burned orange, warm red and mossy and cypress-like green tones create a light-like effect. Black and dark ink blue give it an expressive depth and intensity.

A diverse spectrum of many different materials with a high quality standard sets contrasts and brings innovation: the hip, masculine rigor of the tonal designs of glen checks and shepherd’s plaid, coupled with the feminine softness of jersey and knitwear. Brit checks in pure lamb’s wool and wool blends are interpreted in a feminine fashion. Elegant, soft panne velvet and sporty cotton velvet have a soft feel to them. Comfortable knitwear with a contrasting effect in a neutral color play and soft workmanship.

Cool-dye jersey and fluid business qualities ensure that it is pleasantly comfortable to wear. Authentic walk or boiled wood, embroidered or printed all over and equipped with velvet and contrasting edging, characterize its country house look with the spirit of the times! 

Stylish baroque Gobelin-jacquards partly also create trendy highlights with a wool or chenille rear - degradé or allover. Printed panne velvet with a leopard design and sensitive camouflage allover jerseys are the eye-catcher of the collection.
Furthermore, technical fabric with an elegant luster plays a significant role.

WHITE LABEL finds the right combination of contrasts: Urban and rural are combined with each other. Pieces with a feminine decoration contrast parts with masculine accents and clear proportions. This hip menswear look is unmistakable in suit appearances with a feminine tailoring, but nonetheless used in a restrained fashion. Blazer shapes - single and double-rowed - with a sporty and classic tailoring create authenticity and reflect the core expertise of the RoFa fashion group. Discretely equipped, feel-good blazers and frock coat shapes made of soft jersey and knitwear-qualities are comfortable and trendy!

The country home segment is becoming significantly more proficient: A material mix of stand-up collar shapes, traditionally influenced blazers, frock coats and adorned cardigan shapes are augmented by decorated, individual skirts. Sheath dresses are returning with a fresh look.
Newly interpreted down stitchings with feminine jewelry details enrich the fashion diversity at the start of the season. 

Passionate and frisky details dominate the decor and underscore the pieces’ high value and extravagance:
Elegantly printed inner lining, contrasting Rhadamé lining, color contrasting pipings and piping button holes, positioned embroidery, authentic AMF stitching, decorative undercollars made of jacquard or felt, emblem buttons and many other elaborate details emphasize the special things.

Wearability coupled with a stylish spirit is important to us!

The focus is on innovation

The 2018/19 Fall/Winter Collection shows a wide array of new qualities + hot topics.
The focus is on innovation.

This new wool coat has a cocooning-casual or classic.
Slimline Silhouette look, although it’s often produced as a two-in-one as well.
Large check, Bouclés, diagonal + herringbone designs or leopard jacquards are strung together + provide new inspirations.

New:  Wool + down patch

“a must-have”
Designed fake fur...
Camouflage-like style, animal or discrete patchwork designs provide a breath of fresh air in the product line + are next to cozy, plain-colored items.
whose color scale ranges from brilliant, dark colors such as cypress, navy, dark chocolate to  bright, powdery pastel shades such as cream, sand + rose.
Shearling qualities + a foal fur look compliment the fur offering.
Whether it’s patched or used in reversible form, a new look is created.

Still a must-have
The winter down.

Quilted + unquilted in the form of a parka, reversible jacket or short jacket, these jackets made of authentic down create an alternative to the padded shape + are presented in a new, elegant colorfulness. 

Details such as fur trimmings, stitchings, smocking, knitted inserts, leather braiding + patches with  lambskin lining and new looks thanks to the use of velour qualities + flock printing or glen check looks give the styles a completely new touch.