creative play

White Label Autumn / Winter 2019/20

creative play

The new fall/winter collection captivates with a creative play with warm autumn colors, patterns and textures.

Spice colors are the elementary color theme of the current White Label Indoor collection. From chili to saffron to pomegranate, the warm shades of red and rust gradate. With curry, nutmeg and pesto, warm yellow, brown and green shades blend in. A rich violet and a wintry mallow accentuate the color palette in its intensity. In between them, neutral, noble tones such as caramel, platinum and oilblue have a soothing effect. Marine and black add depth. 

A big theme is velvety soft surfaces - glamorous and sensitive.
Noble panne velvet, soft chenille qualities - plain or as a tapestry jacquard in opulently patterned designs are suitable for events. On the other hand, a new comfortable casual velvet on a jersey basis is suitable for everyday use - both as plain and with floral all-over embroidery.
Corduroy is experiencing a revival, and is also used partially as a collar and finish on herringbone and checks.
Autumnal checks feature in all their facets from glen-check to tartan, either expressive and colorful, in vital country colors or with a discreetly noble lurex shimmer.
A multicolored Chaneltweed and a monochrome Chaneltyp with ribbon yarns and sequins set accents.
Zebra and leo designs set exclamation marks! Animal prints or animal jacquards, on a woven, knit or jersey basis look authentic or will be freshly interpreted color. 

Soft qualities such as winter brushed cotton jersey in minimal designs, light viscose jersey, technical scuba, soft knitwear in melange, sometimes also as a double face, boiled wool in plain or in the latest jacquard patch design ensure comfort.
Prints set a graphic emphasis, whether as a multicolor patch print or 70s retro print for casual dresses.
Generally, patch is the big theme of the season!
Patched blazer and frock coat shaped in a material mix of checks, jacquards, animal designs, herringbone, fur and velvet, decorated with decorative buttons and ribbons are the highlights of the collection.
Other statement pieces are "magic coats" made mainly of precious, noble brocade and jacquard fabrics for a special appearance. Casual are in-between coats made of knitwear.
Chanel styles score with open edges, long fringes on hems and edges, as well as decorative ribbons and high-quality decorative buttons.
The blazer shapes impress with precisely worked out proportions and precise cut and combine tailoring and comfort equally, whether fashionable as a double-breasted and longer single breasted, frock coat or in the 60cm base length.
Dresses as a casual shirt blouse form or as shift form in leo designs, print designs, chanel fabrics and comfortable plain fabrics complete the collection.

The "Modern County Life" theme also impresses with patch elements and material mix. The lively color contrasts of velvet, corduroy and knitwear are retro and accentuate the elaborate cardigan and frock coat shaped blazers and jackets. Decorative folk details such as imitation suede braided ribbons, piping, contrasting piping buttonholes, decorative borders, noble jacquard and extravagant leo and zebra trimmings, decorative  trims, jewelry and emblem buttons, as well as accentuated printed lining with patch or paisley designs enhance the look.

The special features of the high-quality equipment of the parts, whether through noble contrasting rhadamé, colorful printed, and extravagant leo lining, and through genuine AMF hand quilting. These and many other elaborate details emphasize the value of the piece. 

The feminine profile of the collection shows authentic, wearable fashion in autumnal moods. A successful mix of retro inspirations, rediscovered classics and modern styles in excellent fit and best value for money.


The 2019/20 Fall/Winter Collection demonstrates a very innovative,
compact outdoor assortment.

The focus is strongly on the fake fur -
an absolute "must have" for this season. Luxuriously equipped,
with colorful print lining in Hermes style it convinces as plain, or in
patterned leopard variant.

The color scale of the plain ranges from fresh saffron yellow to chestnut,
steel blue + camel to neutral sand + espresso.
Shearlings with a variety of fabrics and bondings,
toned or designed in color contrast,
look cuddly + winter suitable.
Highlight of the season: The fur fabric coat

Still indispensable: The woolen coat. Plain with
new fabrics + color combination of classic designs,
in combination with new styles, give a new look and make
boucles, loops, lana cotta, checks, herringbone, doubles + jacquards
appear in a completely new light.

Very trendy: Animal prints leopard or zebra & co. present themselves
almost offensively as a light, fluffy wool jacquard + fake fur,
or in an exciting interior fitting.

The alternative to the down stitch is the fake down or padded parts.
Warm, new autumn tones impress here by pearly shiny surfaces
or in absolutely matt version.
Also exciting are the new combination with clayey
fake fur + panne velvet.